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Company culture

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Company culture

Shenzhen KEEPAHEAD Ultrasound Equipment Co., Ltd.

I。 LOGO Composition:

LOGO is composed of graphics, Chinese characters and English letters. Graphics is evolved from the English letter K of the word "Keweida". It represents the characteristics of the ultrasonic wave that keeps going forward, and also represents the spirit of "Keweida". The Chinese character "Keweida" implies that the company has great, lofty ideals and the unity of the upper and lower levels. KeEPAHEAD is the business philosophy that represents the company in the industry.

II. LOGO Basic Colors: Blue, Green and Red

Blue: Water, Blue Sky, Sunshine
Green: Represents environmental protection. Everything thrives under water, blue sky and sunshine.
Red: Represents that everything blossoms and bears fruitful fruits in a fresh and environmentally friendly environment and in the light of water, blue sky and sunshine.

III. Overview

LOGO overall design strives to highlight the industry characteristics of ultrasonic technology, Keweida always maintain the business philosophy of the industry, and give people a strong visual effect.

Company concept

Corporate vision

Enterprise Spirit:Family, one heart, one thing, a lifetime!

Business philosophy:People-oriented, win-win, energy-saving and environmental protection, innovation!

Company Vision:Keweida is committed to providing energy-saving and environmentally friendly cleaning technologies and services.
With science and technology as the driving force, continuous innovation, create the cleaning industry!

Corporate vision Corporate vision