Shenzhen KEEPAHEAD Ultrasound Equipment Co., Ltd.

Company Introduction

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Company Introduction

Group Introduction

Group Branch

Shenzhen Meiyajie Technology Co., Ltd.
Shenzhen Far East Aoke Cleaning Agent Co., Ltd.
Shenzhen Shengbang Water Treatment Equipment Co., Ltd.

KEEPAHEAD is composed of three major divisions: first, cleaning divisions: specializing in intelligent ultrasonic precision cleaning system; second, environmental protection divisions: industrial waste liquid, oil-based mud drill, sludge, refinery sludge and other environmental protection treatment equipment; third, hydrocarbon divisions: discharge intelligent single-station, multi-type (fully enclosed) vacuum, multi-tank automatic hydrocarbon cleaning system; is a research and development, manufacturing, marketing collection。 And services in one of the large high-tech enterprise groups。

Number of employees

More than 35 people in R&D team
About 200 people in KEEPAHEAD, Shenzhen
About 200 people in KEEPAHEAD, Shanghai

Environmental protection is a basic social responsibility of enterprises. KEEPAHEAD people are brave enough to shoulder the responsibility. They always put environmental protection on, treat ozone well and care for the earth. In 2002, they actively participated in the activities of eliminating ODS and HCFC by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). They were awarded the enterprises of eliminating ODS and HCFC alternative products recommendation and the enterprises of "Cleaning Mark". In 2016 and 2017, KEEPAHEAD people took part in the activities of eliminating ODS and HCFC alternative products. The second stage HCFC elimination substitution technology seminar of cleaning industry was successfully held in Xi'an and Suzhou. KEEPAHEAD discharged intelligent single station, multi-type (fully enclosed) vacuum, multi-tank automatic environmental protection solvent fluoride, modified alcohol cleaning system was recognized by users. At the same time, high-efficiency industrial waste liquid, oil-based mud drill, sludge, refined oil sludge and other new products environmental protection treatment equipment were also beautiful mountains. River "China Dream" contributes its own strength, KEEPAHEAD Group can provide you with economic benefits and real environmental protection solutions.

Pioneering and innovation

Since its establishment, it has obtained more than 10 inventions, more than 20 software copyrights and 6 authorizations。

Our purpose is: to take science and technology as the driving force, continue to innovate and create "emissions" of the cleaning industry;

Our team

We are a professional team: our members have many years of professional and technical background in the cleaning industry, from the backbone of domestic industry companies.  
We are a young team: our average age is only 31 years old, full of vitality and innovation.      

We are a dedicated team: we firmly believe that our brand comes from quality, and good quality gains the trust of customers. Only by focusing, can we do a good job of the quality products customers want.

We are a team with dreams: we come from all over the world, because of a common dream: technological innovation to change the quality, to contribute to the cleaning industry, to be a truly responsible enterprise.